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A Passion for Soil. 

In the UK, Ovlac offer three plough ranges, the CLASSIC reversible range (3-5 furrows), the XPERIENCE reversible range (5-7 furrows, on-land and in-furrow models) and the MINI Shallow Plough range (5-13 furrows, mounted and semi-mounted).

Classic Reversible Ploughs

The Classic range of Reversible Ploughs are a more simplistic and lighter weight model compared to the Xperience Reversible range, yet still maintain the high quality and standards of the Ovlac manufacturing process.

Xperience Reversible Ploughs

Ovlac's flagship product and the latest innovation in reversible ploughs, the Xperience range combines a modern new design with all the experience acquired over the years with the previous series of ploughs. The Xperience is a very versatile plough that adapts more easily to different types of terrain and to larger, higher horsepower tractors.

Mini Shallow Plough

A specialist product enabling high work rates, low fuel consumption and excellent weed control the Mini has been designed to combine the advantages of reduced tillage with soil inversion. The Mini shallow plough is capable of complete inversion without disturbing the soil deeper than 20cm.

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