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Ovlac Classic plough working behind a Massey Ferguson tractor


Ovlac’s key goal is to offer farmers technically advanced, reliable products they can be proud of. The Classic range of Reversible Ploughs offers a more simplistic and lighter weight model whilst still maintaining the high quality and standards of the Ovlac manufacturing process.


Ovlac’s Classic range of reversible ploughs are made up of three series, each with three ranges, therefore, it is always possible to find the ideal solution to suit the available tractor HP.



In order to take different working conditions into account, Ovlac Classic ploughs can be equipped with two alternative protection systems, Shearbolt or Hydraulic Reset.


The simplest of the two systems. The shearbolt thickness, steel grade and position are calculated so it breaks under a pressure of approx. 3000kg exerted at the plough point. It is imperative that broken shearbolts are replaced with genuine Ovlac bolts.

Non-genuine shearbolts with a different dimension or steel grades can result in serious damage to the plough and could void warranty.


A regulated trip mechanism. This system allows adaptation of release pressure according to soil
conditions. In heavy or compacted soil, pressure can be increased in order to guarantee penetration and maintain an optimal working position of the bodies.

On the contrary, in stony conditions pressure can be set lower to prevent stones being brought to the surface. In addition the legs are also attached to the beam by a shearbolt (and not welded) thus benefiting from dual security.



Mechanical – L

Working width adjustment is available on all Ovlac Classic ploughs in order to adapt the plough to soil conditions or the desired work. The working width of all “L” models (LF and LH) can
be manually adjusted by simply shifting the position of the support bolt into a different hole on the beam. There are four different working widths with 2 inch increment adjustments. 14” (35cm) to 20” (50cm)

All “S” models (SF and SH) come with the well known Ovlac Varilabor variable working width as standard. This allows the working width to be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor cab between 12 (30cm) and 20 (50cm) inches per body (depending on model).

Hydraulic – S

This feature provides several advantages:
- Optimised output, making the most of the tractor power available.
- Adaptation to desired work including working depth, soil type, residue type and season.
- Adaptation to field variations: topography and obstructions.

Automatic Memory System: the 130 and 150 headstock Ovlac Classic reversible ploughs come as standard with an automatic memory system. This closes the plough main frame to its minimum width to guarantee gentle turn over and avoid the rear end of the plough hitting the ground. Once the turn over operation is complete, the plough automatically returns to the originally set working width.



Ovlac Classic ploughs are equipped with an Oscillating Cross Shaft with a centre pivot. The plough is pulled from the centre pivot point which ensures it can move independently to follow the tractor and find the perfect balance between the side pressure exerted on the mouldboard and the landslide.

Therefore once the plough is set correctly it is not necessary to make complicated adjustments in order to ensure the plough pulls straight. In work the plough will follow the tractor perfectly. Alignment is corrected with no need for operator input.

Furthermore with the Hydraulic Vari width ploughs the Oscillating Cross Shaft automatically compensates for working width adjustment. It could not be simpler.

When lifting the plough up for transport or turn over, the Oscillating Cross Shaft automatically locks itself in the central position. The cross shaft movement also makes it very easy to hitch up to the plough. In addition to the operational benefits the Oscillating Cross Shaft significantly reduces strain on the whole plough and fuel usage.

The Oscillating Cross Shaft allows the operator to plough around headlands and irregular shaped fields which increases daily output.



On Hydraulic Vari width models (S), the Hardox 500 legs are bolted onto the frame. Therefore if the worst happens and one is damaged it can easily be replaced.

In addition, the leg pivot points are not part of the main frame, so the frame is not weakened or subject to any wear. The pivot points are also equipped with wear resistant case-hardened
bushes and greasing points to ensure a long life.


All Classic ploughs are fitted with hydraulic front furrow adjustment as standard to make switching between tractors simple and to allow hillside compensation.



The main beam is made in high quality “Domex” Swedish steel and is 100% free from welding - therefore tension and weak spots are eliminated. Furthermore, at the front of the beam where the load and stress are highest the frame is reinforced with “Hardox sandwich plates”.


The 3D articulated Security Rod linking the leg holder to the main frame has been designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions. It provides protection from sideways force as well as enabling break-back.



The straighter leg design increases clearance between furrows to allow more trash and soil through without blockages. Ovlac 95cm ploughs have more clearance than other ploughs with 100cm spacing.



A large range to meet your needs

Ovlac XPerience reversible ploughs can be equipped with a number of different wheel types.

There are Depth Control Wheels or Combi Wheels, for depth control and transport.
In terms of position Ovlac provide either Rear or Advanced Wheels.

Rear Wheels ensure optimal plough balance as well as better weight transfer to the tractor whilst ploughing.

Advanced Wheels are advisable when trying to get closer to field boundaries and obstacles, they also result in less strain on tractor arms when in transport and during turn over as the centre of the gravity is closer to the tractor.

Rear depth control wheel 280/70
(Standard on 120 and 130 ploughs in the UK)

Rear depth and transport combi wheel 340/55
(Standard on 150 ploughs in the UK)

Advanced depth and
transport combi wheel 340/55



Unique hydraulic Rear depth control wheel 280/70 utilising 3M Iverset System.

Quick no-tools depth adjustment.

Clips are easily added and removed to adjust the depth.

Mode 1

In Mode 1 Ovlac’s hydraulic rear depth wheel allows a gradual start and finish on the headland. This means shorter “in’s and out’s” on the headland and therefore less passes to finish the field.

Mode 2

Set in Mode 2 the hydraulic rear depth wheel controls depth at the edge of the field and operators can plough right up to the field boundary. This mode 2 setting is not available for combi wheels.

Mode 3

Set the wheel in mode 3 to allow it to move freely.



Range of five plough bodies

Ovlac offer five different plough bodies which enable the most suitable option for a specific ploughing technique and soil to be selected.

All genuine Ovlac mouldboards (with the exception of the slatted and plastic boards) are 8mm thick and undergo a unique case-hardening process in order to achieve over HRc 62 on the surface while still offering a soft core to prevent breakage. In addition to guaranteeing a long wearing life for the mouldboard the smooth surface produced by the case-hardening process improves soil flow and reduces sticking.


Leaves a wide furrow; recommended for very wide tractor tyres (760 mm). Very good soil inversion thanks to its extra length. Similar power requirement to body V-97. Working depth which is 12-30cm.


All-purpose body for all soil types. Designed for very low tractor power. Working depth between 15 and 30cm.


All-purpose body for all soil types. Soil inversion with limited tractor power requirement. For depths between 15 and 35cm.


Slatted mouldboard. Suitable for sticky soils. All
wearing parts mounted with conical bolts to
lengthen the slat and bolt lifespan.


Plastic mouldboard. Recommended for
very sticky soils with no stones. Same geometry as
V-34 body.

8mm thick mouldboards - longer working life.
Case-hardening increases surface hardness, (more
than 62 HRc) for a longer working life while keeping
a soft, flexible core.



This series is limited to four furrows. The main frame is 100x150mm, features Hardox supports and a 110mm turnover shaft. This design is rated up to maximum power of 160hp (120 kW).

Headstock and frame support 120
+ 100x150mm frame section

Technical Specification

No. Bodies Protection Working Width Interbody Clearance Under Beam Clearance Weight HP
3 Shearbolt 105-150cm 85/95/105cm 72/78/90cm 990-1080kg 120hp
3 Hydraulic 90-150cm 85/95/105cm 72/78cm 1130-1250kg 120hp
4 Shearbolt 140-200cm 85/95/105cm 72/78/90cm 1190-1290kg 160hp
4 Hydraulic 120-200cm 85/95cm 72/78cm 1370-1530kg 160hp


Featuring a substantial 140mm diameter turnover shaft. This series is available in a four or five furrow configuration and is rated up to 200hp (150 kW). It retains the 100x150mm frame section and Hardox supports of the 120 series to reduce weight.

Headstock and frame support 130
+ 150x100mm frame section

Technical Specification

No. Bodies Protection Working Width Interbody Clearance Under Beam Clearance Weight HP
4+1 Shearbolt 140-200cm 85/95/105cm 72/78/90cm 1250-1350kg 160hp
4+1 Hydraulic 120-200cm 85/95/105cm 72/78cm 1430-1590kg 160hp
5 Shearbolt 175-250cm 85/95cm 72/78/90cm 1480-1590kg 200hp
5 Hydraulic 150-250cm 85/95cm 72/78cm 1695-1850kg 200hp


A higher strength series available in a four and five furrow configuration designed for arduous conditions and higher horse power. Rated up to 225hp (165 kW). It has a 150x150mm frame section, Hardox supports and reinforced headstock with a 140mm diameter turnover shaft.

Headstock and frame support 150
+ 150x150mm frame section

Technical Specification

No. Bodies Protection Working Width Interbody Clearance Under Beam Clearance Weight HP
4+1 Shearbolt 140-200cm 85/95/105cm 72/78/90cm 1490-1605kg 120hp
4+1 Hydraulic 120-200cm 85/95/105cm 72/78cm 1580-1700kg 120hp
5 Shearbolt 175-250cm 85/95/105cm 72/78/90cm 1680-1830kg 160hp
5 Hydraulic 150-250cm 85/95cm 72/78cm 1805-1955kg 160hp



A wide range of accessories are available in order to adapt the plough to all soil types and working conditions.


Grass Skimmer (G)

High Capacity Skimmer (HC)


Press Arm

(only available on LF and SF models)

Two skim mouldboards are available: Grass and High Capacity. It is important that skimmers are set to the correct height. In order to make this simple a no-tool adjustment system is standard on all Ovlac plough skimmers.

Spring reset protected smooth or scalloped disc coulters

Smooth or scalloped disc coulters

(Pair of smooth discs standard on rear furrow in the UK)


Knife Coulter

Additional landslide wear plate. Reduces main landslide wear and therefore running costs

Memory cylinder

(Standard on all 130 & 150 Classic ploughs in the UK)

Alignment turnbuckle

Hydraulic front furrow width adjustment

(Standard on all Classic ploughs in the UK)



Check out our latest full brochure by clicking the image below, download is available.

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